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It is up to you what your career will be like

VSB-TUO provides services of the Career Centre which make it easier for students and graduates to enter the labour market. A key event is the annual Career Plus trade fair, where they help companies find future employees among students

Career services
Career Centre

It aims to help students and graduates determine the right direction in their future careers. It organizes many regular lectures, workshops and personal consultations.

Career Plus

Job Fair organized by the VSB at its campus. Every year, more than 100 companies and over 4,000 visitors attend the fair. It is a unique opportunity for students looking for a job, an internship, a temporary job, or a diploma thesis topic.

Contact persons

Manager of the Career Centre and Career Plus fair


Alice Šustková
+420 596 999 209
+420 733 627 816

Coordinator of the Career Plus fair

míša mo

Michaela Matochová
+420 596 999 208

Event Manager of the Career Centre


Karin Krumlová
+420 597 323 711 

Manager of the Career Portal

david h

David Hibler
+420 596 999 083

What is the experience of students?

student kariéra

"After completing my Erasmus program at VSB, I moved permanently to Ostrava. At that time I contacted the VSB Career Centre because I needed an overview of my CV and information about companies in my field. The Career Centre was extremely important to me. I was not accepted many times because I don't speak Czech and I don't have work experience, but thanks to the help I got a job. "

DANIEL ALMEIDA, Erasmus student from Portuga