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The Innovation Support Centre provides the VSB-TUO students with
  • study of the optional START-UP BUSINESS course
  • internships at ISC and practise
  • consultations of bachelor/master theses
Optional START-UP BUSINESS course

The aim of the practically oriented optional course is to develop student's creative approach to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit. The course is based on teamwork in developing a
business idea and its transformation into real business. That is why it is also suitable for interfaculty teams of students.

Who is the course for?

  • FE - compulsory optional course for students of the 4th year (1st year of the follow-up master's study), fields of study Business Economics, Management, Marketing and Business, Accounting and Taxes
  • FEECS – optional course for 5th year students (2nd year of follow-up master's program)
  • FMST – optional course for 4th year students (1st year of follow-up master's program), field of study Economics and Management in Industry
  • FCE - optional course for students of all disciplines
  • FSE - optional course for students of all disciplines
  • FME - compulsory optional course for bachelor students in the field of Industrial Design
  • FMG - compulsory optional course for 3rd year bachelor students in the field of Geoinformatics

You can enrol for this course in the EDISON registration of courses for the summer semester 2021/2022. We are preparing extension of the option to enrol for other faculties and fields.

Course completion

  • The course will be realized in the form of seminars with 80% compulsory attendance.
  • It will be completed with a team or individual presentation of a semester project.

Do you want an alternative?

You can choose an alternative and join as a member of a team into the startup program Green Light and get 4 credits. Registration into the Green Light Accelerator is open to 17. 10. 2021.

Internships and trainings

Get professional experience at the Innovation Support Centre

Internships allow students to become part of a team and work together on exciting projects.

During the seven years, we have brought up nearly 20 trainees, of which 3 became our employees
and many of them have found interesting jobs thanks to the internship.

Who are the internships for

  • VSB-TUO students
  • you can apply from any faculty
  • year of study does not matter

What will you get?

  • practice
  • credits - VSB-TUO Faculty of Economics
  • certificate - it fits into CV :-)

Find out more

Consultations of bachelor/master theses

Are you a student of the final year of a bachelor or master study program? Are you looking for a possibility to consult the topic or content of your bachelor or diploma thesis focused on business development and entrepreneurial spirit? Come to the Innovation Support Centre, we will advise you and guide you in the right direction.

12 reasons to study the START-UP BUSINESS course


It will briskly guide you through the world of startup business.


It will develop your creative thinking towards business.


It will help you find and develop your personal potential.


It encourages to work in teams.


It will teach you how to transform an idea into a real product or service.


You will be led by people who enjoy it... and with them you will enjoy it, too.


You can look forward to experiential teaching methods.


Successful entrepreneurs are involved in teaching.


Because your older classmates just enjoyed it.


The best ideas will not stay in the drawer but they can continue in GREEN LIGHT.


Classes outside the school desk directly in the Innovation Support Centre.


Every summer semester we are here for you!

Contact persons

Methodology Specialist of the optional course, consultations of theses


Kateřina Kučová
+420 597 329 160

Professional guarantor of the optional course

hanka š.

Hana Štverková
+420 596 992 217

Guarantor of the optional course


Andrea Šimoníková
+420 597 329 193



Jan Adam Plaček
+420 731 552 258

How do students evaluate the Start-up Business course?